10 minute musicals
Although I can play any kind of background or foreground music, my specialty is “10 minute musicals”: evocations of the great musicals from the 40’s through the ’80’s (and on to today if requested). I take the timeless songs from these and link them together with short segues to more fully evoke the atmosphere of those wonderful musicals. Available for parties/weddings/events of all kinds. I can take requests if I get them beforehand.

My other piano stylings run the gamut from Elton John and Billy Joel to Ben Folds and John Legend.

I have been a liturgical musician since 1988, with extensive experience in accompanying weddings, funerals, and a wide variety of functions. I bring all amplification necessary, and my piano, to your gig. I am acquainted with many local musicians, and can work in tandem with them.

An example of a 10-minute musical– a link to my performance of “My Fair Lady”: