A Unique Background For Your Event-Classical Improvisation

Classical improvisation flourished in the 19th century, largely due to the culture of the “salons”.   Pianists like Franz Liszt developed their improvisatory techniques in this fertile ground; much the same as jazz musicians improvise at clubs today.  Some of the great musical works of the 19th century were born in these salons:

(Franz Liszt Fantasizing at the Piano, by Josef Danhauser, a painting of Franz Liszt playing in a Parisian salon. The imagined gathering shows George Sand, Franz Liszt, Niccolò Paganini, Gioachino Rossini, and other artists and musicians of the era).


With over 600 live online performances and numerous “real world” venue appearances to my credit, my classical improvisations for the piano are uniquely driven by a desire to create spontaneous music that is new yet accessible.  Here is a live performance streamed into the online world Second Life:

My playing represents a unique kind of background music, as my primary influence is modern classical music; yet my presentation is much more in the Romantic tradition.  Because of this, I feel I am uniquely qualified to perform at venues where “the usual will just not do”;  where an up-and-coming aesthetic is paired with a respect for Old World musical traditions.

I represent a genuine alternative in music for every kind of event-and can bring to your event these unique qualities, qualities inherent in the once-again growing tradition of classical improvisation.

Electronic press kit: thumb_pdf

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