Compositional Improvisation

Composer/Improviser Gregory Hall has been performing weekly live concerts of compositional improvisation in the online world Second Life since March 2009, as well as a variety of “real-world” venues.

About his improvisations, Greg says:

“My compositional improvisations are performed using musical templates I have developed based on decades of research in music theory.  These improvisations are new yet approachable because they are tonally advanced but still logical to the ear, and are performed in an expressive romantic style. Such composer-driven classical improvisation is an unusual approach in contemporary classical music, although in previous centuries it was a primary means of musical communication. Many people who know little to nothing about classical music enjoy my style.

It seems axiomatic that any music which communicates directly with its listeners has improvisation at its heart. Fans of jazz go to concerts not so much to hear the music but to hear what performers will do with the music. Classical music was perhaps at its most culturally relevant during the Baroque, when performers improvised constantly around figured bass. I seek to return this type of improvisational relevance to classical music.

I as a composer bring a wealth of musical knowledge gained in school, through written classical composition (I have several well-reviewed commercial CD’s), and in development of my unique copyrighted improvisational templates. I have developed a fan base through my internet and real world concerts, recorded and print interviews, and reviews. My playing has influenced people not only to become fans of my music, but of contemporary classical and traditional classical music as well.”

Taken at the Clipper Merchant Tea House, Limerick, Maine.  Photo courtesy of Karen Norteman.