Improvisation and contemporary classical music. Used to be a time when they went hand in hand. Nowadays, classical composers improvising in “their” style is a rarity, as did Chopin, Liszt, Scriabin, and even Messiaen.

I am a contemporary composer who has always improvised in my style, both in support of my written work, and more recently as an independent form of creative expression. I call these “compositional improvisations” to distinguish them from “classical improvisations”, which are usually performed using older styles of classical music. I have actively performed my compositional improvisations for the piano in front of live audiences in the online world Second Life–and a variety of First Life venues–for the past four years. More recently, I have begun Second Life/First Life simulcasts of my live improvisations over the radio.

I am also performing at an increasing number of “real-world” venues. In addition to halls and venues that have a piano, many of these concerts are held at galleries and other unusual places, and I am a “have piano will travel” artist, able to set up at just about any venue.

I have in the past and am willing to work with other contemporary musicians of all types, something I have done continually in my Second Life broadcasts.