Many thanks to the following individuals who have actively helped with my compositional improvisations along the way: advice, contacts, support, tips, and just being there.  If you are not on this list please let me know.  This is the web, and we can do something about that! 

Aldomanutio Abruzzo, Anne Ku, Anthony and Jennifer Lanman,  Autopilotpatty “Poppy” Poppy, Barb Truex,  Barry Kettery, Bavid Dailey, Björn Haferkamp, Bob Lord,  Brad Monnett,  Brian Hosefros,  Carleton Mabee, Chalcedony, Champagne Rain,  Circe Broom, Clarissima Schumann, Connie Balogh,  Dani Eaton, Dave Schwartz,
David A. Marshall,
David Hollis,
David Watkins,
Elena Uzun,
Eliza Cabassoun,
Elliott Schwartz,
Elmira Yusufova,
Frets Nirvana,
Glenn Stallcop,
Graine Macbain,
Graycon Sonata,
Jaici Fairport,
Jan Marque,
Jim and Carole Anne Collier,
Joanne Rohner,
John Edwards,
John Nickerson,
Josh DeScherer,
Judith Maxted-Rice,
Jura Shepherd,
Karen Norteman,
Katharine Anderson-Dávila,
Laura Burch,
Leira Vaughan,
Linda Rogers,
Lunata Lupino,
Lundy Submariner,
Lynn Sauer,
Lynsey Fleury,
Maildrom Breuer,
Margi and Bob Rasche,
Maria Amor,
Marie-Ange Ganneval,
Martin Fonseca,
Michael Köhne,
Miriam Forsythe,
Nancy Ogle,
Neil James,
Nick Humez,
Niela Miller,
Nina Camplin,
Paris Obscur,
Parma Recordings,
Paul Kwo,
Phideaux Mayo,
Prowess Rayna,
Rennata Tropeano,
Robert Bekkers,
Roxy Sweetwater,
Russ and Nancy Markgren,
Ruth and Miles Freeman,
Sandia Beaumont,
Sheri Solomon,
Sundai DeVinna,
Thirza Ember,
Tim Whitefalcon,
Vasiliy Medved,
Vinny Fuerst,
Von Johin,
WaltKeys Faith,
Widget Whitberry,
William Hassel,
Wolf Glenfadden,
Xemem Kultus,
Zachh Cale,


And all my friends in Second (and First!) Lives.