Compositional Improvisation™ Templates

Compositional Improvisation™ is improvisational classical music based on contemporary music theory and performed by a soloist or ensemble.


NOTE: I have created a free sample template which gives an idea of what the templates are all about.

Free sample compositional improvisation template available here:

The sample template is a small subset of the full with limited chord forms and no instructions. However, it may be used successfully with the video below to gain an idea of the potential of the full templates.

For questions on the templates, inquiries about
skype_logo_2(and in-person) lessons in the templates, etc., please contact (you can click the email link below):

A video which introduces some of the basic concepts of the templates:


To encourage soloists, ensembles and composers to develop advanced tonal improvisation skills, my templates for classical compositional improvisation were designed to enable a kind of “randomized” sight reading which encourages the exploration of sophisticated tonal relationships, and allows improvisation on the level of Scriabin, Messiaen, etc. Just published by the American Composers Alliance (click on the image below to go):

“Vol I: Water” consists of my own melodies, printed in a non-rhythmic fashion. The advantage of this is that you will be able to interpret the melodies more freely, and ultimately partake of a wider range of improvisations. $15.95 plus shipping.

Improvise in the style of Scriabin, Ravel, Messaien and beyond, developing your own style. Improvise using your sight reading skills, utilizing advanced tonal harmonies.

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