Compositional Improvisations from “The Mysteria”

Compositional Improvisation is improvisational classical music based on contemporary music theory and performed by a composer.  It is first and foremost a spontaneous act for me, derived from improvisational templates yet created very much on the spur of the moment. 

I look at my improvisations as small parts–“Mysteria”–of what composer Alexander Scriabin called his unfinished final piece, “Mysterium”.   Scriabin imagined his apocalyptic work becoming more and more improvisational in nature, and my improvisations take his harmonic discoveries–and those of Messiaen and others–as a basis, building upon the idea of improvisations done in an advanced, contemporary style that is nevertheless tonally logical.  

I would like to think that my improvisations are a new angle for classical music. My listeners are drawn from all walks of life, not merely those who listen to classical music. In performing I can claim listeners of every persuasion, from contemporary classical to heavy metal. The unifying principle seems to be my stylized improvisation–music created spontaneously, yet in a carefully and musically crafted way, by a classically-trained composer. The result inspires people to discover classical music. 

Composer/Improviser Gregory Hall and his “Compositional Improvisations from ‘The Mysteria’, Vol. 1” CD.