Recorded Performances

I currently record my performances as both internet/radio streamed performances, and live performances at various venues. These are an important part of promotion, as they are exclusively unedited performances, and therefore give an accurate portrayal of my performance potential in all these situations.

In terms of branding I have expanded into unique ways of presenting unedited live audio/video recording. I have started a series featured on YouTube (and on this site, among others) called “Just the Keyboard”, where I record just my hands playing the keyboard, taken from above. I make audio recordings of many of my internet shows, where I highlight the aesthetic and educational aspects of what I do, from poetry readings to augment my playing to short lectures on my influences and techniques.

Live performances follow from publicity of SL/RL simulcasts, CD promotion, etc. I have already produced two RL concerts in New England which consist wholly of me improvising, and incorporating education about contemporary classical music vis a vis improvisation. I have participated in a number of other RL concerts as well. I have performed over 500 online concerts in SL, and continue to do so on an ongoing basis. I maintain a list of over 250 people who can speak about my work in SL, as well as additional RL contacts.

This is a lecture/recital I gave recently, a live streamed performance over the internet: