Competition in my specific field, composer-driven stylized classical improvisation, is very limited. In classical improvisation there are by and large three types of performer: those who improvise in older styles of classical music, “free” improvisation (not in a specific style), and those who improvise without a template (usually simple tonal improvisation as it does not involve complex tonal chords).

Thus, this is a new angle for contemporary classical music. My listeners are drawn from all walks of life, not merely those who listen to classical music. In performing I can claim listeners of every persuasion, from contemporary classical to heavy metal. The unifying principle seems to be my stylized improvisation–music created spontaneously, yet in a carefully and musically crafted way, by a classically-trained composer. The result inspires people to discover classical music.

My target demographics are particularly wide because of the uniqueness of what I do. I have a proven demographic which has participated in both online and real-world live concerts. I anticipate growth especially among those listeners to independent and collegiate stations where I will do (and have done) internet/radio simulcasts, classical music and jazz listeners (because of improvisation), and listeners to live internet concerts.