Radio/Shoutcast Streaming

Currently, my main performance outlet is online streaming of live performances into the internet, usually through the virtual world Second Life, using audio shoutcasting. These live streamed performances of my compositional improvisations may be heard in real-time here:

and navigate to “Live Web Concerts” for a media player, and Google calendar of my concert schedule.


SL/RL Simulcasting:

A radio DJ interviews me and lets me perform live improvisations while my SL avatar is simultaneously broadcasting into Second Life for an audience there. A unique branding, this also allows me to simultaneously educate/perform for Second Life/Real Life audience.

I have already performed radio/shoutcast streaming on radio station WMPG Portland, ME/Second Life (hereinafter referred to as SL), Mayfair sim. This concert was jointly produced by “Real World” (hereinafter referred to as RL) DJ Barb Truex, and my agent in SL, William Hassel. A full recording of this simulcast, as well as an excerpt from it, may be heard here: